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Lumberman's Exchange Narrative

The Lumbermen's Exchange Building

by R. Molenda

The Lumbermen's Exchange Building was a busy place during the lumbering era of Stillwater. Keep in mind that the first telephones were operating in Stillwater in 1878.  This building was considered one of the most modern buildings in Minnesota at the time of its construction in 1890.  The city of Stillwater became the supply depot for the entire St.Croix Valley.  It had river connections to northern Minnesota and Wisconsin for bringing lumber to the sawmills, still waters for the assembly of log rafts, water power, steam powered mills and log holding booms to feed the different mills in the valley.  The railroads came to Stillwater in the 1870's.  Tenants included large and successful lumbering concerns as well as the US Post Office.  The Union Depot was nearby the Lumbermen's Exchange Building and lumber arrived by rail and products manufactured in Stillwater were shipped by rail.  

The building is standing today and has many features and artifacts that were part of the Lumbermen's Exchange era of the 1890's.



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