Pivot Stillwater

The App




The Pivot Stillwater App will soon be available on the iTunes App Store for you to enjoy for free.

When the app is available we will have links to it on this site. All you'll need to do is click on the link and download the free app at iTunes. Once the app is installed on your device, just search the app's map or use the app's camera view to discover pivotal events in Stillwater's history as they come alive around you.

The app brings together a combination of Historical Photos and Augmented Reality Technology. The app allows the user to take a deeper look at various places in Stillwater.  

When a photo of the viewer's current location is swiped by a touch, a historical photo from the same location is brought up in the viewfinder. With another touch of the screen, text information about the location appears along with a voice description of the text.  

The user can also take photos of the current site with the location marker identifying the historical site. Additionally, users may add additional photos of the same, or different, nearby sites that may also be of a historical nature.  

Please check back here soon as the app will be released any day now.

The Pivotstillwater.org web site is active at the present time.  You should be able to access the web site directly with your mobile device and enjoy a limited version of what will be available in the future in the app itself. The web site will have Google Maps Street View 360 available for each of the "Points of Interest" in Stillwater.  These map views will be very close to the vantage points that were used in the original John Runk photos of these same locations. There are many buildings and locations from the past that have not changed much today.  There are other locations that have changed considerably and some that are no longer part of the present location.  The purpose of Pivot Stillwater is to create this historical awareness and allow you to experience what Stillwater was like, many years ago.

When you go to the web site, click on the small square index in the upper left of the screen.  This will enable you to see the index and go to "Points of Interest" on the site.  Just click on the point of interest site that piques your curiosity and enjoy your tour of the historic Stillwater location.

The web site will be under construction and will have new content available as  we move into the future. Enjoy the History of Stillwater!